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An Architecture Stack for Javascript Transit Appliances

Currently I’m aware of two “browser-based” transit display applications: Transit Boardâ„¢ which is a hybrid of server-based and Javascript technology produced by yours truly for Portland Transport, and an as-yet-unreleased pure Javascript application that TriMet is working on. There may … Continue reading

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Infocast Pricing, Networking

My current favorite hardware platform for Transit Appliances is the Insignia Infocast (8″). At some point I need to do a post on the characteristics of this device that make it so friendly for this application… but that’s for another … Continue reading

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Our Mission, Governance and Projects

The purpose of this site is simply to make it easier for “transit appliances”, devices that display transit information, to be created and deployed in as many form factors and with as many interfaces as are useful, ranging from “countertop” … Continue reading

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Build Your Own Transit Appliance

I’m happy to announce our first software release, USB drive boot configurations for the Insignia Infocast. These are based on the Qt web browser build here. This release comes in two versions, one with the touch screen driver enabled and … Continue reading

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So What’s a Transit Appliance?

I’m defining a “transit appliance” as a category of devices (not any particular device) that meet two conditions: Display transit information (in the current case under discussion, vehicle arrival estimates – but potentially other information as well). Are an ‘appliance’ … Continue reading

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