Build Your Own Transit Appliance

I’m happy to announce our first software release, USB drive boot configurations for the Insignia Infocast. These are based on the Qt web browser build here.

This release comes in two versions, one with the touch screen driver enabled and one with the mouse driver enabled (you can plug both a USB mouse and a USB keyboard into the Infocast). I have three Infocast units and my experience is that the touchscreen drivers worked on two of them, but the third would only work with the mouse driver (the touchscreen still works with the mouse driver but the calibration is off).

Our version of the boot script also runs a small Perl script that extracts the MAC id of the unit and builds this into a startup HTML file that will load the appliance configuration from our server. At this point, you’ll still need to ask us to build your configuration, but I hope to have the self-service app for this up within a few weeks.

So the process of setting up your Transit Appliance from unboxing would be:

  1. Burn a USB drive (extract the .zip into the top directory of the FAT32-formatted driver) with one of the downloaded packages above (I’d recommend trying the touch version first and only use the mouse version if that doesn’t work).
  2. Apply power to the Infocast without the USB drive inserted.
  3. Follow the normal Infocast startup through screen calibration and WiFi setup (you can continue through the Chumby control panel setup if you like, but you dont’ need to).
  4. Power down the unit and the insert the USB drive.
  5. Power on the unit. You should eventually see a screen that looks like this:

  6. Touch the screen (you may have to double-tap) and then you should see a screen like this:

  7. e-mail us ( with your MAC id and the transit stops you’d like in your configuration. We’ll get you set up and then you’ll be off and running!

BTW – If you prefer not to (or can’t) use WiFi, the Infocast will work with the Chumby-tested USB Ethernet Adapters.

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