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Next Steps – Defining Agency Adapters

I’ve completed a re-write of Transit Boardâ„¢ to eliminate the server-side components and talk directly to the TriMet and NextBus arrivals web-services (in the case of NextBus, I’m using YQL, at the suggestion of my co-contributor Matt, to act as … Continue reading

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The “Phone Home” Pattern and Roles in the Transit Appliance Ecosystem

The core idea for transit appliances is that they are from a user perspective, very simple devices. Ideally the only control is an on/off switch. To support this and to support deployment at scale, you want a device that can … Continue reading

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An Architecture Stack for Javascript Transit Appliances

Currently I’m aware of two “browser-based” transit display applications: Transit Boardâ„¢ which is a hybrid of server-based and Javascript technology produced by yours truly for Portland Transport, and an as-yet-unreleased pure Javascript application that TriMet is working on. There may … Continue reading

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